23 December 2013



What the problem is.

Rsd returned from hosp c Dx of DM2 c N.O. for Accu√ ac + QHS c insulin per S/S.

16 December 2013


Dead On Arrival

alt - Date Of Admission

If your patient is DOA then they will not truly be admitted and have a DOA.

09 December 2013


Do Not Resuscitate

No CPR or other life saving tricks are allowed.
The opposite of a Full Code.

Rsd was found lethargic and unresponsive s pulse/respiration. No CPR given per DNR. Family and MD notified.

02 December 2013


Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes - DMI and DMII.
DMI / DM1 used to be considered children's diabetes - their pancreas produces little to no insulin.
DMII / DM2 is developed at any age in life when the body cannot produced enough insulin to meet the demand. This can change back with a change in diet.

Accu√ ac + QHS c insulin per S/S

25 November 2013


Decubitus Ulcer

A pressure sore/bed sore from lack of movement. The constant pressure on one spot causes a breakdown in the skin. To prevent it - just turn and reposition your patient every two hours.

TX in progress to decub on R buttock - wound is red and beefy c scant bleeding s ordor.